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Glow SPF: Tinted Sunscreen

Glow SPF: Tinted Sunscreen

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Introducing the Glow SPF. The perfect tinted sunscreen, with spf 60 and broad spectrum protection. A universally flattering formula on all skin tones. This formula is SO good that your skin will sing its praises all day long. 

Why did we go for a glowing tint formula?

A little bit of tint helps counteract any chalky residue, ensuring you don’t end up looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost; this is especially important for mineral formulas. Mineral sunscreens can leave behind a white cast on the skin, and adding a tint helps counteract this so that the formula blends in better.

Who did we make this for? Someone who’s looking for a formula that:

1. Doesn’t irritate super sensitive skin
2. Is very light weight
3. Doesn’t leave a white cast
4. Has sheer and natural skin like coverage

The glow spf consists of a universal correcting tint which disappears right into the skin.

Use a tinted sunscreen once, and we promise you that you’ll never look back.

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