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Our Story

Strong women who helped in creating Organic Traveller

The Organic Traveller is a skincare company, which is an ode to every girl who feels she isn’t beautiful; who feels that she needs to conceal and hide herself. We want you to know that dry skin can be worked upon, acne can be dealt with and wrinkles can be managed! No matter how old you are or what problem you’re facing, we’ll work through it with you! Your skin deserves love, and you do too.
That day I talked to my friend Ioana about it, and a small conversation gave birth to the Organic Traveller. I wanted women to know that there was a safe space that cared about them and the skin care problems that they were going through. In this process we met women from Egypt, Italy, France, Romania and Pakistan all of whom got together to make the Organic Traveller a reality. An organic skincare line made for everyday women by everyday women.

Acne is a word that so many of us have lived our whole lives with, whether these consist of the hormonal breakouts that follow you during your teens or the painful red bumps that don’t leave your side in your 20’s.

The summer of 2018 for us was spent in Prague, and one day while walking down Charles Bridge, I got a message from my 12 year old sister telling me to bring back a foundation for her; she didn’t want to go out of the house with small pimples. It was then that I realised that we as women had never been told an important truth: Our skins need to heal rather than being concealed.