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Derma Roller


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The Get Rollin’ Derma Roller contains 540 premium titanium micro-needles which help to achieve tighter, plumper and blemish free skin. The 0.3 mm derma roller also helps to increase the effectiveness of your skincare products over 90%.

  • Helps achieve healthier looking skin
  • Helps improve skin texture
  • Safe for sensitive skin due to the small microneedle size
  • Increases skincare product absorption
  • Can easily be used on the neck which is not possible for microneedle size greater than 0.3mm
How to use

Gently roll the Micro-Roller over skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
Roll over each side of the face, chin, lips, forehead, and neck.
Use one to two times per week for best results.

How to clean

Disinfect your roller after each use by submerging the roller head in a cup of boiled water or 91 percent alcohol for five minutes.Allow the roller to dry completely before returning it to its storage container.Always store the roller in the supplied box for maximum hygiene and safety.