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Finding out your skin type?

Finding out your skin type?

Hey Skinfam!

We’ll get straight to the point. Not knowing your skin type can be frustrating, especially in a market saturated with products according to “oily & dry” skin. Don’t worry we’re here for you guys, by the end of this article you should be good to go!

How many different skin types are there?

For those who are skincare junkies – you can skip this part, but for that girl that just opened this article not knowing that skin types even existed, continue reading.

There are 5 general skin types: oily, combination, normal, dry and sensitive. We’ll be listing down points for each.

1. Dry skin?


Your face feels tight and at times it’s very rough and flaky as well. If you’re someone who tends to grab moisturisers only to feel that your skin still isn’t plump enough, then you probably have dry skin! Remember there’s a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is usually because of genetics and climatic conditions, but dehydrated skin can be because of drinking less water. If you experience the following then you’re someone with dry skin.

  • Very few pores

  • Red and flaky patches

  • Tight sensation on your face

  • Skin easily cracks

2. Oily skin?


Do you wake up to a layer of shine? Then you might have oily skin. People with oily skin are very prone to acne breakouts and usually have large pores that often become congested. The only up side to all of this is that if you have oily skin then you’re less susceptible to wrinkles and your skin looks younger because of its natural moisture. If you experience the following then you’re someone with oily skin:

  • Frequent breakouts and acne

  • Have many blackheads

  • Glossy Shine

  • Visible large pores

  • Combination skin

3. Combination skin?


You think you have oily skin but then get those dry patches as well? If so, then you might be dealing with combination skin.  People with combination skin types usually have an oily t-zone and dry eyes and cheeks. Combination skin types aren’t only in terms of oily and dry skin but can be other things as well, such as having acne prone skin which is dry. If you experience the following then you’re dealing with combination skin:

  • Shiny skin with dry patches

  • Have a few blackheads

  • Pores larger than normal

  • Frequent redness

4. Sensitive skin?


We’re sure you’ve heard almost every other person say that they have sensitive skin but never really understood it. Sensitive skin isn’t really described in terms of how dry and how oily your skin is but the amount of redness and irritation that you face. This skin type is usually due to allergies or other skin conditions (quick tip: if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid chemical based products and opt for natural skincare as it won’t be too irritating). If you experience the following then you’re dealing with sensitive skin:

  • Increased redness

  • Easily irritated skin

  • Prone to inflammation

  • Increased dryness at times

5. Normal skin?


The skin we wish we all had. Normal skin types don’t experience extremes of anything. The oiliness and dryness they experience is very manageable and hence their skin doesn’t get easily irritated or red. The skin tone is more even and you won’t find many blemish marks (probably one or two). The skin looks vibrant and healthy if you’re treating it right. If you experience the following then you’re dealing with normal skin:

  • Limited pores

  • Very less sensitivity

  • Healthy complexion

  • Few and occasional breakouts if any

That’s it guys! We hope you found this helpful.


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