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Hey guys! Hope your social distancing is going good. We know you’re stressed out, don’t worry we’re here for you. Everyday we’ll be posting interesting content to keep you busy!

Today is all about hair care!


Product: REGROWTH Hair Oil

The oil is magic and no we’re not exaggerating. It’s great for strengthening weakened hair and is a lifesaver for those dealing with hair-loss. The regrowth hair oil consists of a powerful blend of 10 hair oils, which makes your hair thicker, longer and frizz free! There’s Argan for fighting frizz, coconut for smoothness, almond to add a lustrous shine and Vitamin-E to make it healthier. It also consists of powerful oils such as Jojoba, Olive and Castor as well! So should it be a staple in your hair care routine? Umm, OBVIOUSLY.

How to use: Apply it 2-3 times a week for best results, it can be used overnight or 2 hours before taking a shower.

Protip: Apply a small amount after taking shower and it’ll act as a serum (plus save you cost on SUPER expensive hair serums)



Product: Bain Oléo-Relax Shampoo

We LOVE this shampoo; want to make your hair supple and soft? Get this. It’s great for Pakistan’s humid environment. The ingredient that we love inside this is Shorea butter, it helps provide resistance to breakage and gives intense moisture.

How to use: We usually recommend taking a body shower everyday and washing your hair after every 2-3 days depending on how quickly they get oily.

Pro tip: Well, don’t wash your hair everyday, it’ll actually do more harm than good and increase hair fall.



Product: Keratase Aura Botanica Conditioner

Can we start of by saying that it is silicone AND paraben free? YES WE KNOW. It is great if you have trouble managing your hair and need something to detangle them and control excessive frizz. Morrocan Argan oil will be your hairs best friend and mix it with a little sweet orange oil and you’ll de-stress as well. Good thing this conditioner has both inside it and gives you luster, shine and softness.

How to use: Apply for 5 minutes to wet hair after you’ve shampooed.

Pro tip: If you have really flat hair that lacks volume then use a conditioner once every week but don’t skip on it.



Yes we’re recommending 2 products this time because well it’s important that your hair care routine is pocket friendly as well. We adore using Keratase elixir ultime, it does everything which a serum should and you can start seeing results overnight, BUT at $50 and add taxes in Pakistan too, it’s just really expensive. Which is why we provide the multi-peptide hair serum by the ordinary as a dupe. It’s a little lighter on the pocket and gets the job done. But don’t worry if you still don’t feel like spending on something like a hair serum then just apply half a pump of our hair oil to wet hair and you should be good to go!

How to use: For the Keratase one, partition your hair into two sides and apply one pump to each side and rub it in. Start from your roots and work your way up! For the multi-peptide serum just use 2-3 drops and massage into your entire hair

Pro tip: try taking a shower at night and apply to wet/damp overnight, in the morning you might just not recognize your hair


Step 4: Hair perfume?

Product: Gisou honey infused hair perfume

This is the product that you never knew you needed. It is an extremely feminine scent with lovely floral notes that will definitely catch attention.  The honey inside will help maintain your hairs natural moisture. Also, have you always wondered how a super models hair smelled like? Wait, is it just us? We hope not because IT SMELLS LIKE THIS.

How to use: Divide hair into sections and spray evenly from an arm’s length throughout hair, then give your hair a flip to emit the fresh Gisou scent

Pro-tip: Don’t apply to wet hair, let them get dry; we’ve noticed the scent lasts longer this way!

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